Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register as a team in the Moot?

The Competition is open to all students, enrolled bona-fide on a regular basis in an Undergraduate/ Post Graduate law course (including LL.M. programs) or its equivalent conducted by any recognized institution. A recognized institution shall be entitled to send only one team to the competition. In a system where a university has constituent colleges, each college can register a team or the university as such can be represented by a team comprising students from different constituent colleges.

How many members are allowed per team?

A team can have a minimum of two members and a maximum of four members.

Can all team members take part in the oral arguments?

In each of the oral rounds two members of the team will be speakers. Other members of the team shall not aid them during the presentation of arguments in any way whatsoever. Different members of the team can be speakers in different oral rounds. However, to be eligible for the award for Best Individual Speaker mentioned in Rule 15.3, a participant must have argued at least once for the Claimant and once for the Respondent during the preliminary rounds. The average score per argument will be calculated and the award will be determined on that basis.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee for all overseas teams is USD 150. For Indian teams, an initial registration fee of INR 3,000 shall be charged. For the Indian teams that qualify for the oral rounds in accordance with Rule 11.2, an additional registration fee of INR 5,000 shall be charged. This fee is inclusive of accommodation, travel to and from the venue and the tickets to the socials event for all members of the team.

What is the registration payment process?

The registration fee for the Moot is to be paid through a wire transfer, the details of which are contained in Annexure-1 of the Rules. For all Indian teams, the deadline for payment of registration fee is February 25, 2019. For all foreign teams, the deadline for payment of registration fee is March 15, 2019. For those Indian teams that qualify for the oral rounds, the deadline for payment of the additional registration fee is April 26, 2019.

Can the composition of a team change after its registration?

Once registered, a team will not be permitted to vary the composition of the team in any manner. Changes, if any, may only be made with the express permission of the administrators (at their discretion), if due reason is shown for the same.

When is the date of submission of memorials?

The date of submission of the soft copy of the written submissions for both sides, Claimant and Respondent, is 17th March, 2019. Further rules regarding the content and submission requirements of the memorials can be found in the detailed rules for the Moot.

How many teams qualify for the oral rounds?

A total of twenty (20) Indian teams will qualify for the oral rounds. In the event that the number of Indian teams submitting memorials is more than twenty, the twenty teams with the highest memorial scores will qualify for the oral rounds of the Competition. The Memorial scores used for this purpose will be exclusive of the memorial penalties (objective deductions) laid down in Rule 10.3 but would include the penalties for late submission provided in Rule 10.4

All overseas teams automatically qualify for the oral rounds on submission of memorials for both sides.

How do we know if any team member needs a visa?

Visa information for India can be found on the website of the Ministry of External Affairs. Additional information is available from the Indian embassy in your country.

If a visa is needed, does the Moot assist in procuring it?

Yes. Information regarding visa requests will be furnished to participating teams about the time of the submission of the memorandum for claimant. It is vital that applications for the visas are submitted very early. Any team member who does not already have a valid passport should apply for it as soon as possible.

How much help can a team receive from professors or other coaches?

Every team must research and write its memorial without the assistance of non-members. Teams may receive general advice from Faculty Advisors and/or Coaches. However, such advice must be limited to general advice on the area of law concerned, structure of arguments and general commentary on the team’s arguments. No advice whatsoever may be taken from any member of another team or any Coach/Faculty Advisor of another team.