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NLSIAM is more than one should ever hope for in a mooting competition. It forces time pressured research and memorial writing, while at the same time encouraging the construction of elaborate arguments. The oral rounds are tough with quality teams and challenging arbitrators. Whatever results are achieved, there is no doubt that any participant is a better advocate following NLSIAM
Mr. Alexander Meyniel
Winning Team and Best Speaker (Finals), 5th NLSIAM  - American University, Washington College of Law
Researching the moot case for NLSIAM 2014 was one of the most enjoyable and intellectually challenging activities I have undertaken in law school. I chose the moot because it had a reputation of presenting complex and cutting edge issues in the fields of international commercial and investment arbitration. For example, there was an issue on consolidation of contractual and treaty claims, which the ICC had only recently provided for in it's rules in 2012. Additionally, as a speaker, I learnt a tremendous amount because the quality of judging was outstanding. Along with that, the conference that was organised featured a very eminent and engaging expert panel that discussed some pertinent issues in the field of arbitration. If I wasn't entering my final year, I would be very tempted to participate again​.
Samhith Malladi
Winners of NLSIAM 2014  - JGLS
NLS Arbitration was intense and challenging, yet exhilarating. The competition provided a great platform for international commercial arbitration enthusiasts to argue upon several pertinent questions of law. Each oral round was intellectually enriching. Furthermore, the moot was brilliantly organised and I particularly liked the transparency maintained throughout the competition. In all, the entire experience was truly enriching.
Neha Deshmukh
Runner-up of NLSTIAM 2017  - ILS, Pune
This is possibly one of the most sought after and well-organised moots in India right now. And it’s easily the moot with the best judges. Additionally the problems are immensely challenging and end up helping you pick up a lot of knowledge about commercial arbitration as well as corporate law. It was comfortably one of my most enjoyable moot experiences.
Rajeshwari Mukharjee
Winner and Best Speaker (Semis and Finals) of NLSTIAM 2016  - NLIU, Bhopal
I was privileged to be at the NLSIAM and Conference 2011-12. The quality and variety of the teams that participated and applied themselves to a fairly complex investment treaty arbitration problem was very impressive. The accompanying conference was very useful and brought together some very eminent and well regarded practitioners and experts to introduce investment arbitration to the audience. Above all, the organization of the moot and conference was immaculate. The SIAC is proud to have been associated with the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, for the NLSIAM and Conference 2011- 12.
Mr. Vivekananda N
International Counsel, Allen and Gledhill LLP Former Head (South Asia) and Counsel  - SIAC
The competition was a pleasant surprise for me.  Given my previous experience with international arbitration moot courts, I was not expecting to find such an enjoyable and well-prepared moot with such great potential. Compared to other, similar moot courts, both the case and the rules were rather brief, but they contained all the necessary information.  In fact, this conciseness yielded a larger number of ways to approach the case, with a greater variety of possible arguments, and this I appreciated a lot.  The key case questions were nicely designed and touched upon issues which are regularly encountered in international arbitration. The competition took place within an extremely friendly context and environment, including all the arbitrators, competitors and organizers.  The organizers took great pain to make the experience as pleasant as possible, and indeed, from touching down in Bangalore to the final trip back to the airport, everything was perfectly smooth.
Tadeáš Matys
Student  - University of Sheffield